Lipbalm EOS Cards Free Printable


I think this one might be my favorite. It’s hard to choose and I may have to convince my own kids to make a few of these Mother’s Day crafts for me and then I can act surprised.

Print the cards on cardstock. Cut them out and then use a hole punch (like this one) where the solid circles are. 

If you don’t have the hole punch you can carefully cut the circle out with an X-Acto or craft knife. Even scissors would work.


Each circle is about 1 1/2 inches. It’s just the right size for an EOS lip balm.

The lip balms are easy to find and you can order them off Amazon or grab them at Target or your local Wal-green’s or most cosmetic aisles.

This card will be one of mom’s favorites. They are cute and the lip gloss will add a little pampering for mom and they are fun.

    Are you collecting SVG files but still need some help using your Cricut? Grab the Cricut Guidebook by clicking on this link!




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