DIY Planner Kit: Refresh Your Plans



You are less productive and it is a waste of time to continue struggling to find the information that you have in a bullet journal, on post-its, in your Google calendar, and in the Reminders App on your phone.

Stop forgetting things. Don’t miss your important appointments or rush to get to a meeting because you misplaced the time (again).

It is time to make your planner work for you. That is exactly what planners are designed to do. Not the other way around. Put that baby to WORK.

Refresh your planner strategy.

DIY planner pages and how-to guides that help you pull your planner out of the dark and dusty recesses of the bookshelf.

Make yourself accountable and commit to using a planner to increase your productivity and accomplish your goals.


What is included?

This DIY planner kit is not just about the printables. It is about USING your planner system to organize your life and successfully find planner peace.

  • 80 + Planner Printables
  • 12 Monthly Dividers
  • Planner page size cheat sheet
  • Planner Glossary
  • Page suggestions for an effective planner
  • Reference list for over 165 trackers
  • How to Resize Planner Printables
  • Choose the Best Planner System for You 
  • How to Use a Planner (and prompts to keep using your system)
  • Monthly prompts to help you stay the course 
  • Challenges to help you use your planner more 


A printable budget planner for your household finances

12-month calendar split-spread with Sunday start

12-month calendar split-spread with Monday start

12 Bujo collection pages (budget envelopes, bucket lists, etc.) 


The product is a digital download available as multiple PDF files.

Read this page if you are unsure how to download or access your purchase.

This digital file can be used for personal use only. You may NOT resell this file or share it with others. Please read the complete terms of use (TOU) that is included in your purchase.

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