Craft Room Organizing Guidebook

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It is hard to be creative when you can’t find the things you need to create with! You don’t have to be the world’s best organizer to make your crafting space work for you.

The trick is knowing how you work, where you should store things so they can be easily accessible, and what your options are for the space you have.

Are you ready to organize your craft space? This ebook will walk you through the basics of organizing your stash and your space. No matter what size of a space you are working in. Could be a closet, the kitchen table, or a full room.

Take control of your craft space so you can happily be creative. Find your supplies, clean up your mess quickly, and know what you have in your stash to use for your next project!

Your Craft Space pg. 1-2

Task One pg. 3

Questions pg. 4

Task Two pg. 5

Sorting pg. 6-7

Trash or Donation pg. 8

Clear the Clutter pg. 9

Clean Your Space pg. 10-11

Assess Your Space pg. 12

Map Your Space pg. 13

Furniture pg. 14

Storage pg. 15-16

Containers pg. 17

Craft Room Storage pg. 18-19

Storage Inspo pg. 20-22

Lighting pg. 23

Labeling pg. 24

Put it All Away pg. 25

Think About… pg. 26

Tips and Tricks pg. 27-28

Notes pg. 29-30


Print the whole book out and keep it in your craft room for easy access. Use it as your guide to create the space of your dreams.

Answer the questions about your space, use the worksheets to plan your storage and organization, and turn your craft space into the craft area of your dreams!

You can also access it on your tablet or phone. Does it get any better?!

This is an instant digital download. Read this page if you are unsure how to download or access your purchase.

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